I will write advertising and marketing copy
- Sales copy
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You have a split second to attract the attention of your prospects, starting now! TICK-TOCK... As a pro copywriter, I write marketing materials that grab attention and get your brand noticed instantly. This way you don't lose time, or money – you only earn. I’ll help you communicate your USPs and position you as an expert in your field. I’ll tap into your customers’ needs and desires, and make them want to buy from you, and only you! ABOUT ME · 10 years of copywriting experience on projects for MasterCard, Lufthansa, Heineken, Microsoft, Fortune 500s, and dozens of leading global brands, plus smaller businesses and start-ups. · Experience across tourism, hospitality, transport, real estate, technology, events, and many other industries. · Unique copy that reflects your brand identity and speaks to your target customer. · One-on-one collaboration to help you achieve your goals. IMPORTANT: Before booking a gig, please message me first to check my availability and whether I can help you out with your specific type of project!