I will take notes and make study guides for all subjects
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Hey guys !!!....Hope you are doing well !!! I am here to simplify your studies in the best way possible....by making NOTES !!!! I have crossed all those hard days at school and all the hard lessons that I had to learn by heart....but I have a secret to my success. I took notes and made them as colorful as possible. I am a medical student now still taking notes and I am willing to do so for you too !!! I assure you that by reading my notes, you will easily ace your exams! Services that I provide: Take notes: I will break the chapters and sections into bits and use my experience to make the notes for you. Customization is also available !!! Prepare study guides: I will build an informative and concise study guide. Lectures/ Classes: I will attend online classes on your behalf and take notes (timestamps if required). Handwritten notes: With colorful and attractive presentation. I also provide additional benefits like keynote, highlighting, Did You Knows, Q&As, and a lot more!!! Looking forward to helping you!! Thank You!!!