I will proofread and copy edit your website
- Copy Editing
4.9 ⭐
Please contact me first! Tell me the number of words, topic, and deadline. Your website is the most important way you share your business with the world. Your pages need to grab someone's attention, inspire trust, and turn them into a customer. Your website needs to be compelling and authentic; I can help: - First, all the text on every page must be in perfect English. I will edit, proofread, and localize your content so it's easy to read and understand. - Second, web copy has to be concise, interesting, error-free, and trustworthy. I will read through your site in detail and correct any issues with text, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and more. - Third, if you know the text on your site needs fixing, but you don't have the time, let me do the work for you. It's one less thing on your ever-expanding "to do" list! I provide a second set of eyes - ideal if you're not a confident writer or a native English speaker. I'll make your website copy stronger and more appealing.