I will make study guides and notes for your courses
- Research and Summaries
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Thanks for checking out my gig! As a former A' Level student and currently enrolled in University, I believe study guides/notes are a perfect way of efficient learning. Be it related to my studies or not, I have created notes and guides for my exams and now I want to do the same for you. Trust me, it is really really helpful ^-^ This gig isn't just for students. If you want a brief guide for content NOT education related, I have solid experience in that as well. I have helped people in the real estate, pharmaceutical sector and business sector. Here is what I have to offer: Professionally made guides in MS Word, Powerpoint and Google Docs Compilation of guides using powerpoints, videos, books and even audio recordings. End of chapter questions and summaries also made on special requests. Decent prices. Custom orders are also available with negotiable rates. Satisfaction Guaranteed with fast delivery All you need to do is share your requirements with me and I will make a study guide/notes for you accordingly. Please contact me first so that I can know more about what I'm dealing with.