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Welcome to my gig! 🙂 You should contact me before placing an order! "Work smarter, not harder" What problems will this study guide solve for you? You'll spend more time learning and not creating the study guide The study guide will be tailored for you (Only important points) You'll study faster and better using this study guide because of the techniques I employ in creating it You'll learn faster and learn more in a short period of time (save your effort!) How do I make your study guide? The process for developing your study guide is simple. Click on the package you want, send me any learning materials, and answer 2 to 3 questions about your preferred learning methods. That's it (yes, really!). Depending on the package you have chosen, your guide will be sent to you in a pdf or any other format. What types of study guides do I offer? Simple, to-the-point study guides (like the one in my gig's gallery) Detailed, in-depth study guides Notes from Video Notes from Audio Contact me to place your order now! I won't rest unless you are fully satisfied.