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IMPORTANT: Please enquire before making a purchase or if you have any other questions. Hi there, my name is John and I'm a professional coach specialising in Cognitive Abilities Tests (CATs). The online Psychometric tests that most companies use is basically the first stage of the employment filtering process. A lot of people fail at this stage as these are specialised tests that are usually unfairly difficult and require months of practice and an excellent knowledge in maths and reasoning skills in order to do well. I can coach you to greatly increase your odds of obtaining a pass or even a chance of attaining that elusive top percentile. I specialise mainly in Numerical, Verbal, Logical/Abstract and In/Deductive Reasoning covered by test providers such as: - SHL/CEB - TalentQ (Korn Ferry) - Cut-E - CCAT - Kattis - PLI/PI Cognitive - Cubiks - Capp - Kenexa - Revelian - Saville Consulting - Test Partnership - Game-based assessments, etc. I also assist in Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs), Personality Tests and Strengths Assessment Tests.