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Hello! Did you know that the most successful brands use storytelling? Hi, my name is Paula and I'm a storytelling content writer. What's included? 200-350 words 2-3 focus words 1-2 revisions 5-day turnaround Gig Extras Competitor Research Zoom consultation Instagram Post SEO Keyword list Social Media shout-out 2-day fast turnaround Choose gig extras at check-out Why use storytelling? Stories keep visitors on your web page longer. That decreases bounce rate and encourages comments and social sharing. And that improves your Google page rank!!! Engaging stories turn your viewers into fans!!! Why me? I’m a Fiverr Top Seller, and Fiverr Pro (see FAQs). I am a well-known blogger, published author, and Youtuber. Storytelling content helped me to build a huge online business with millions of followers. Let me help you do the same. What will I write? Storytelling About Us pages Storytelling Bios Storytelling landing pages Storytelling social profiles Message me for anything else you need Please message me about your project, or ORDER NOW. Thank you!