I will teach you how to read, write and speak Japanese
- japanese tutor
In this gig, I will tutor you Japanese in a fun and effective way, including colourful and well explained lesson notes as well as many resources to help your learning along on the way. I'm Anya, a Japanese tutor based in the UK who specialises in tutoring beginner to intermediate learners online in the most efficient way possible. I have a few years of experience, and actively teach students of all ages, all levels of learning, all around the world! Japanese language and culture has been my passion since a young age, and I am very enthusiastic about passing this knowledge onto students who are eager to learn. My lessons come with detailed lesson notes for you to learn from, as well as many lists of vocabulary online and connections to my students incase you wish to practice among yourselves, maximising learning potential in and outside of class time. All of these perks are included for as long as I am your Japanese tutor, so I hope you consider me to fit this role for you!