I will tutor you as a beginner to expert in python programming
- programming tutor
PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER Hi! I am a teacher with the teaching experience in coding, for at least 2 years. I am tutoring python because of its vast applications, may it be in website and app development or in the Artificial Intelligence Features: Explaining Concepts: We will be going through each concept of python from basics, thoroughly, and categorically. Teaching Approach: I will be using a define, example and practice approach to explain in order to ensure your participation in the lecture Solving Problems: We will be sharing our screens, so that I can help you with any problem that occurs while coding, at the spot Lectures on: Zoom, Skype or team viewer Why me?: I will be taking you throughout the course myself engaging with you to solve any programming challenge. I have specially designed this course for beginners. So that they learn and experience the power of programming-especially of python. I have a lot of teaching experience and my sole focus while teaching is to embed in the students the ability and confidence to solve problems on their own.