I will teach high school and college students in math and science
- science tutor
I can tutor high school level math such as algebra, pre-calculus, calculus, geometry, chemistry, physics, and more! I can also tutor college level physics, calculus, algebra, basic Java, Python, and Mathematica's Wolfram Language. Contact me for more information if you didn't see your subject listed above. We can work on a single subject or many. I make use of a drawing pad to write on a digital notebook and I can send you this notes as a pdf at the end of the session. If you have a drawing pad we can also work collaboratively online. Please contact me before placing an order and DO NOT place multiple orders at once, thanks:) I DO NOT ENGAGE IN ACADEMIC DISHONESTY. DO NOT CONTACT ME TO COMPLETE YOUR ASSIGNMENTS FOR YOU! If we are not doing the assignments together, then it is cheating and I do not facilitate those practices.