I will teach or tutor you programming javascript react oop web cpp python
- programming tutor
Hello, my name is Canhui, but you call me John :), I'm a Computer Science Student, I've had some experience tutoring other students. I can teach and tutor you about the basics of web development. html css javascript bootstrap react I can help you with the basics and / or fundamentals of programming with languages ​​such as: Javascript python C ++ Concepts such as: OOP (Object Oriented Programming) Some data structures -I can guide and help you on your programming assignments or projects. -Or if you prefer, I can even teach you the fundamentals from scratch in the most digestible way possible. If you need help with something in your code, please provide me as much details as you can. This is totally beginner friendly, and I will give the best of my abilities to help you understand the fundamentals. I'm very open minded , I speak english & spanish fluently, even a little bit of chinese 🙂 Please message me and ask questions before making a purchase.