I will teach you python from scratch
- python from scratch tutor
I'm really passionate about programming and technology, ever since I was a kid. With my 3+ years of experience, I want to share my knowledge to help people learn this amazing programming language! I am here to teach Python easily, understandable by everyone and to show you programming isn't hard: you just have to think in the correct mindset, like a computer does! No experience required! In each lesson, I will try my best to: Teach any topic of your choice: I can teach you all the basics about Python or give you lessons about any specific topic you want, the choice is yours! Explain everything thoroughly: I will explain every single concept thoroughly and most importantly I'll teach you how to break down any complex problem in easy steps! Make sure you understand: My priority is to make you easily understand all these topics. I will be patient and describe everything step by step, answering every question you might ask! With my lessons you will become a pro in no time! The prices are indicative. Message me to get a specific custom offer! Try me, you won't regret it! Contact me now and I'll answer within 30 minutes! 🙂