I will teach the chinese language
- language tutoring
Have you ever wonder what is the key to learning a language fast? First, you must have someone to speak to. Language is a medium of communication, practice it or you will lose it. Next, you must enjoy the learning journey. Let's learn Mandarin in a fun way! Feel free to message me for customized lesson. Lesson Details: Native mandarin speaker. Speak fluent English. 1 to 1 mandarin language class. Platform: Skype or Google Meet You can record the lesson for your own review if you're using Skype 😉 Learning materials will be in Pinyin and simplified Chinese characters. PDF materials of my own ppt slides and HSK reference book. Customized learning materials using Google Docs. The first lesson will have a free 10 mins session to let us get to know each other and discuss the desired learning outcome. You may check my availability in this Google Doc: https://bit.ly/2Osjznw Drop me a message to confirm my availability before placing the order !! RESCHEDULING AND CANCELLATION POLICY: At least 12 hours before the time scheduled. Lesson Language Chinese (Simplified) Lesson Purpose Conversation Reading Comprehension