I will teach you Chinese mandarin
- language teacher
The world is a fascinating place and I believe learning a new language is a fantastic tool to connect with people and unlocks so many potentials! I want to share my knowledge with people all over the world. I grew up in Taiwan and am a native speaker of Mandarin. When my family moved to Australia in the 90s, I learnt English at school and my learning for Mandarin carried on through attending Chinese school. In my adulthood, I've found that the language foundation I've built in my school years have allowed me to connect with so many others during my travels. I've enjoyed many Chinese novels, TV shows and continue to be active in the overseas Chinese community. For first time students, we will begin with a free 15mins chat. In this session, we will discuss your current language skills and find out which areas you would like to focus on during these tutoring classes. You may want help with your school work, have an upcoming trip to Asia, or just interested in leaning this beautiful language. I teach Traditional Chinese with pinyin.