I will be your spanish tutor online native from venezuela
- Spanish tutor
Conversing puts everything learned into practice, it is stated that one hour of conversation (with people who speak the language you are learning) is enough to learn the same as with 5 hours taking classes or 10 hours on your own. Normally we are ashamed to make a mistake when we speak in another language, however, it is the best way to practice it. I invite you to have the pleasant experience of learning and practicing the Spanish language by talking to me, you do not have to worry if you make mistakes when speaking or if you do not have a good understanding when listening to the language. we learn from mistakes and I'm here to help you avoid making them again. I will help you in your oral comprehension written comprehension and solve some doubts you have about the grammar of Spanish Greetings from Venezuela (GMT-4) , I am Jesebel and I hope very soon to receive a message from you in order to schedule our meeting time greetings and i hope see you soon